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Content Management System (CMS) has been an essential part of all websites out there. It doesn't really matter if you only have a few pages of content or a large website. It is more important that you are able to constantly update your website content. This is the only way to ensure proper presence and listing ranking as compared to your competitors.

A Content Management System (CMS) would be able to help to make your website content easier to manage. With our EZPageCMS Content Management System, we have made it easier, user-friendly for the non-technical savvy user to use them. With EZPageCMS, you can now become the webmaster of your website and be able to add, edit or remove any content without needing the help of your technical department or out-source web company.


Why do you need to constantly update the content of your website?

Some people do not know it, but your website content needs to be updated even though your company still functions the same or the same kind of products or services. Updating them would give you more benefits rather than just publishing it and leaving it there for a few years.

According to research done by Global Web Index, the main channels for online brand research in Malaysia is 54.1% on search engines while 42.4% depends on brand websites. As for discovering brands, 38.2% found the brand from search engines while 32.9% found them from brand websites.

Search Engines Vs Brand Website - Channel for Online Brand Research in MalaysiaSearch Engine Vs Brand Website - Sources of Brand Discovery in Malaysia


Better Content Brings More Traffic

It is no doubt that the quality of your content will play a major role in the short or long-term success of your brand. It needs to be clear, engaging, and informative. These include pictures and images that would attract users and engage with them. Imagine if you are visiting a website where their latest news, promotions, or blog posts are at least a few years old. What would you think of them? Are they still serving customers, would anyone answer my inquiries if I write it? All these questions will bring doubts to the visitors of your website. The same thing goes for search engines like Google, where they would consider this kind of website as dead sites. Automatically, search listing and ranking for the sites will drop below those that have more updated content.


A Boost to your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also constantly changing. Updating your content to adapt to the changes in keywords would help to boost your SEO. If you don't, your competitor will update theirs to try to outdo you in the competition. So in order to keep your website within the search trend and keywords usage, it is advisable to update your content to keep yourself in the competition.


Content strategy to drive marketing funnel - Awareness, Interest, Decision, ActionKeep your Visitors Informed

Your website serves as the salesperson that is working 24/7 providing information to your target customers. Some of your content write-ups might need to be adjusted to stay up to trend or relate them to the current situation. This will help to let your customer easily relate your products or services as a solution to something that they might be facing now. Apart from this, keeping your visitors informed of your company or brand development is also a way to build corporate image or brand awareness as well. You can adopt a content strategy that will bring your visitors through the marketing funnel and eventually they would make their buying decision.


Give Returning Customers Something New

Brand loyalty is an important part of a successful business. It is important not to neglect those that have already bought from you. Your customer will grow bored of the same offering if you don't have anything new to offer them. A great way to capture their attention is by adding something new to your website as often as you can. Let them feel that your business is constantly developing by constantly engaging them with your content. This will keep them excited about your brand and will come back for more.


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Features List

Features CMS
Mobile Responsive Website
Website Statistics
Website SEO
User Management
Navigation Menu Management
Social Media Settings
Content Page Management with Scheduling Function
In Page SEO Settings
Product Catalogue with Category/Sub-Category
In Product SEO Settings
File/Image Upload Manager
Customer/Member Management


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