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SoSocial Media Marketing - Target Audiencecial Media Marketing can help your brand to grow by leaps and bounces together with quality content and engaging brand stories. We all know that everyone tends to spend a lot of their time on Social Media, be it on Facebook, Instagram or others. More and more brands and businesses are getting onto social media and setting up pages and official accounts. This serves as your PR or Marketing Tool to disseminate information to communicate with your customers or the public.

We can help you to develop Brand Awareness through Followings and Likes. This is important as you would be able to have ready audiences that you could drive them to make the purchasing decisions later on. It would also help to increase the word of mouth and through Sharing and Referral, your brand awareness would be going up in no time.

through Social Media Marketing, we can also help you to build customer Relationships through engagement from your social posting. You can build a good connection with customers/potential customers who respond to your posting. We can help you to respond to your customer or even start a conversation. This can help to build a good relationship with your customer and to know what they feel or think about your products/services.


Do I need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing does not only refer to content posted to your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Although a good content strategy for brand image and awareness is needed, it is equally important to go for paid social advertising. The paid social advertisement would go beyond your organic social media strategy and would help to expand your reach on the social media platform. With the constant change in the algorithm of social media platforms like Facebook, it is getting harder to reach customers organically. This is especially important, especially for e-commerce stores that need to get more online sales to consider paying for advertising on social media.

Based on research conducted by StatCounter in Malaysia, 87.37% of referral to the website comes from Facebook. Data from Global Web Index also shows that 39.3% of brand discovery comes from Social Media Advertisements which is the highest among all other sources. Research data also reveal that 54.7% of online brand research in Malaysia comes from Social networks while only 54.1% comes from Search Engines. This shows that Social Media Marketing is more important than any other sources and channels in your marketing strategy.

To do this, our Social Media Marketing service comes in 2 methods:


Social Media Marketing - Facebook/Instagram Page Management

In managing your Social Media Page, we would assign dedicated personnel that can help to strategize your content posting. We will learn and understand your business and its products/services before developing a posting strategy based on your objectives. There would also be some photo shooting, graphic editing or even video shooting involved in content creation.

We can also run an advertisement campaign based on the posting that we are producing for your post. This can help to boost the response rates and to reach more new customers.

We would monitor for any enquiries and comments from the posting and respond to them promptly unless more detailed information is needed from your side.


Social Media Marketing - Facebook/Instagram Advertisement Campaign

If you are into running periodical or ad-hoc advertisement campaigns for your promotion, we would also be able to help you plan and strategize your campaign for you. Based on your campaign objectives and target audiences, we would be able to help you set up the campaign with its copy-writing and artwork. We would help to monitor the advertisement campaign and prepare the necessary reporting for you upon the completion of the campaign.


Which is the Best for My Business?

It depends on what is your objectives and goals. You need to be specific, measurable, and attainable in setting up your goals for Social Media Marketing. Whether you are looking to build a community, increase web traffic or online sales, or simply build up your brand awareness, our Social Media Marketing service would be able to help your business.


How much does Social Media Marketing going to cost me in Malaysia?

Depending on what you are looking for and your objectives and goals. It can start from RM1,600 to anything above RM10,000 per month. If you are just looking for a simple ad-hoc advertisement campaign on Facebook/Instragram, the cost of setting up the campaign can start from RM550 and above. This would exclude the advertisement fees that you would be paying for Facebook which can be RM30 per day and onwards depending on your objectives and goals.

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