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About Us

We build solutions that fit to your business requirements by translating them into technical flow and processes. For many years we have already believed that working should not be bound to the office desk, instead it would be mobile and even virtual. This can become a reality when we help you to translate your business processes into systems that your staff and management could collaborate on and work from remote locations.

Be it selling online with our E-Commerce Solution or web-based applications that you can use on your day-to-day business processes, it can help you to work efficiently and effectively opening up new channels and opportunities for you.

At WebCodeIT Solutions, we believe the future of working and selling is now. Let us help you with your business solutions. We are equipped with the knowledge and experiences throughout the years of building big and small solutions for various industries. We are able to understand the business and marketing of a business instead of just technical development, therefore we are able to apply these to understanding your requirements and ask the right questions.

Our development is mainly utilizing the Open-source technology stack in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP). Apart from that, we are also adopting various popular frameworks to help in the development. You can always find out more from us on how we can help you with your internal and external project.


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Appify Technologies
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