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Customized Web Development

No matter what is your needs and business requirements, we always have something for you. If you cannot find what you wanted, we can always custom build it for you, be it a web portal development, custom database application or even mobile application.

Below is a list of web application that we have done before to give you and idea of what we are talking about:


  • Membership Royalty System
  • Contact Management System
  • Advertising Management System
  • Classified/Directory System
  • Customer Management System
  • Project Management System
  • CRM System
  • Online Examination/Evaluation/Appraisal System
  • Newsletter System
  • Inventory System
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Messaging System
  • Intranet & Extranet System
  • Booking & Reservation System




EZPageCMS Content Management System
Our non open-source content management system and e-commerce platform that allow you to update your website content or even scale to manage your online e-commerce store.


Customized Web Application Development
If you need more than just the ordinary web application or something specific that you have in mind which can help you in your business, we can turn your idea into solution.


Website Design Service
Standard Website design service to help you build your online presence. Don't be left out in the age of the internet. Your website is more important than your namecard or brochure.