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EZPageCMS Screenshot - Login screenOnline commerce or E-Commerce has been the way to move forward and it has become evident during the last few years. We have all experienced buying from various online stores and receiving our orders delivered to our doorstep day-in-day-out. The reason that you would want or prefer to buy online is also the reason why you should start selling online. Setting up our online store or moving your business online does not need to be complicated or even expensive. We have this cover for you with our EZPageCMS E-Commerce System.

EZPageCMS E-Commerce System is an easy-to-use system catering to non-technical users. It does not just stop at helping you to sell online, but it is also a content management system for your website. This is a non-OpenSource system which means that it is not Free for download like others. It is a solution that you can own together with your product data and customer records which you can harvest for other purposes. No subscription fees are involved means that you won't be blocked from accessing your data with the ownership of the system belonging to you where you have the rights to use the system and data ownership.

It is also an E-Commerce System that businesses in Malaysia would choose to use as we own the source code to the system and are able to customize any process flow and integration to the existing business. Apart from within Malaysia, we also have customers as far as Canada using our EZPageCMS E-Commerce System.

EZPageCMS comes with a few options depending on the purpose and objective of your business. It can just run as a normal backend CMS for your website, a B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce, B2B & B2C e-commerce, or a Marketplace where many merchants are involved. You can always get in touch with us to let us know your requirements or business objective and we would be able to provide more information for you.



What is B2B, B2C and Marketplace?

B2B e-commerce

B2B is also referred to as Business-to-Business e-commerce simply means that you are selling to another business and not dealing with the end consumer. It could be that you are in the distributing business for some brands and would only sell to your agent or reseller or anyone who is interested to resell your products. This means that your B2B e-commerce is not openly accessible by everyone on the internet. You might have limited it by some authentication/login access. B2B platform can and would allow the bulk purchase of items, repeat orders of the previous purchases, special pricing, order-in-advance with scheduled delivery, and even credit-term. B2B might not require a courier service for delivery if it is a bulk purchase. B2B owner might have their own truck delivery from their warehouse. Stocks update and availability are very important in a B2B as your business customer would depend on it for ordering.

A B2B e-commerce would be able to help to automate your business processes where the order can be made by your customers remotely without needing you to do any sales calls/visits to their premises. This will free up your sales team to explore new territories and channels and to expand your customer base.


B2C e-commerce

Business-to-Consumer e-commerce on the other hand means that you are selling directly to the end-user. This is also the most common type of e-commerce around and more and more businesses are going online with B2C e-commerce. This group of customers would be constantly looking for good bargains and discounts. A modern consumer would like to know more about your products, be assured of its quality, return policy, or guarantee. So it is important to include nice pictures of your products with as many details as possible to explain your products to them. Since they would be interested in discounts and sales, you can run sales or give them discounts through digital vouchers for their purchases. B2C requires delivery to the customer's location and a payment gateway to accept credit card payment, so integration to these two services is also important.



Marketplace refers to an online shopping mall where an e-commerce website would allow more than one merchant to display and sell their products to the end-user. This also means that the customer can buy from any merchant that they prefer. They would have choices of the same product to choose from if there is more than one merchant selling the same thing. Competitions are stiff for the merchant as they would need to compete with each other on the same platform. A marketplace owner may not need to take up the role of selling their products but mainly is to operate and maintain the marketplace, handling if any customer complains, getting new merchants to join their platform, and also running sales campaigns. A lot of consumers would prefer to buy from such a platform as they can easily compare prices and get a good deal from it.

Marketplace owner can earn from merchant listing fees or transaction fees so marketing and promotion to increase the traffic and transaction on the platform would be important for them.


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Features List

Features CMS eCommerce Marketplace
Website Statistics
eCommerce Dashboard  
Website SEO
User Management
Navigation Menu Management
Social Media Settings
Content Page Management with Scheduling Function
In Page SEO Settings
Product Catalogue with Category/Sub-Category
In Product SEO Settings
File/Image Upload Manager
Voucher Management  
Voucher Claiming    
Order Management  
Shopping Cart  
Customer Reviews & Rating  
Customer/Member Management
Shipping Management & External Integration  
Check-out & Payment Gateway Integration  
Sales Reporting  
Merchant Management    
Merchant Product & Order Management Center    
Merchant Sales Reporting    
Promotion/Campaign Management (Additional Add-On)  
Live Video Sales on Facebook (Additional Add-On)  
Mobile Order Form via messaging platform (Additional Add-On)  

Advantages of using EZPageCMS for CMS or E-Commerce

  • Content updating without further delay 24/7.
  • New link or new page whenever you need it.
  • You own the system so there is no renewal subscription fees.
  • Update your website content even from your tablet or mobile device.
  • Content Scheduling allow you to create timely content ahead of time.
  • Save cost in website maintenance and outsourcing.
  • Easy to use CMS reduces the dependancy on highly trained or technical staff.
  • Save cost in website maintenance and outsourcing.
  • Customizable base on your requirements or process flow of your business

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