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Turning web visitors into revenue

What does your website say about your business? Whatever the size or type of your business, a website is very important. Other than just providing some information to your visitors, they also give the first impression to them. Well designed website gives a positive and good image to your visitors increasing your chances turning the visitor into sales revenue.

When you engage us for a website design, you will get more than just a website. Below is a list of things that are included in your website as well:


Mobile Friendly

All website or webpages are made mobile friendly or responsive. Your website cannot afford to be non-mobile friendly anymore knowing that majority people accessing the internet are from mobile devices.


Search Engine Optimization

All websites are tuned and optimized for searching listing. We will do all necessary preparation to make sure your site is search engine friendly.


Social Network Sharing

We also provide links to social network for sharing so that your website get maximum exposure at a minimum cost.


Google Maps and Forms

Using the technology of Google map, we allow your visitors to locate your business location through your website. They can also contact you via feedback form.


Is your website a cost center or profit center?
This has always been a debate in some companies to whether to classify their website as a cost center or a profit center. A cost center is a part of the business that costs money, as opposed to a...


Mobile Surpass Desktop Access
Mobile internet traffic already surpass desktop in early 2016. What impact does it has on your and your organization? If your website is Mobile Friendly and you have an Online e-commerce store, you can greatly benefit from it.





EZPageCMS Content Management System
Our non open-source content management system and e-commerce platform that allow you to update your website content or even scale to manage your online e-commerce store.


Customized Web Application Development
If you need more than just the ordinary web application or something specific that you have in mind which can help you in your business, we can turn your idea into solution.


AssetBox Asset Management System
Manage your assets and facilities efficiently without burning a hole in your pocket.