EZPageCMS Introduction

EZPageCMS Content Management System

Web Statistics

Is your website getting notice or being visited? It gives you lots of data that can tell you about the performance of your website.


Making it easier for non-technical staff to update the website. It also simplified the work of technical people.

Content Scheduling

Schedule your content to go online or offline ahead of time and not to worry about out-dated content on your website.

E-Commerce Ready

If you want to have an online store or accept payment online, EZPageCMSTM already have what it need to do so.

EZPageCMSTM is a content management solution cater to the non-IT literate user to manage and up-date contents and images in their webpage. With EZPageCMSTM you can up-date and add new pages to your website anytime and anywhere you like without needing to wait for your webpage designer to do the work for you. The best thing is that you do not need to pay anyone to do it for you. All you need is your ready content for the pages a computer with Internet access and some initiative to do the up dating periodically.

EZPageCMSTM is not an open-source CMS that you can download from anywhere from the internet. EZPageCMSTM is the successor of EZPagelite CMS which has been around in the market for a number of years assisting corporate and public services website in maintaining their contents. You can be assured that there is a difference in performance and simplicity in usage as it is built for non-technical people.

Web Statistic Dashboard

A dashboard with your website statistic data that tells you about visitors to your website. Learn about the traffic and improve your content and marketing to reach more people.

Content Scheduling

You can create a content page now but set it to be published sometime in the future. You can also set the date for it to be taken offline automatically to avoid having out-dated information on your webpage.

Content Pages

Manage the content pages of your website without needing to know any HTML. You will be assisted by an WYSIWYG editor that is almost similar to your word processor. Do everything from content editing to inserting images and link to your website pages.

Product Catalogue

Create your own online product catalogue. Manage your categories and sub-categories and your product listing. This is also extendable for e-commerce usage if you choose to have an online store.

Upload Manager

Upload and manage your files and images online. You can manage folders and files that you have uploaded and use them in your website by inserting them as link or as an image.

E-commerce Ready

If you plan to have an online store with e-commerce, then you use the shipping, discount voucher, Membership and Order management function that comes together with the system. Shopping cart would be added to your website to support all these functions.


Create and manage your own website navigation menu. You can add a new, edit, delete or rearrange the navigation link whenever you need to. It will not effect the link to your pages.

SEO Settings

Each page or product content comes with its own details for Meta Tag for SEO purposes. User can choose to have content specific Meta Tag or using the general Meta Tag set in the system.

Customization or Add-on Functions

We are able to provide various customization and add-on features are requested by the customer because we are the developer of EZPageCMSTM. It is not an Open-source CMS and you can be assured that your website will be on good hands.

  • Content updating without further delay 24/7.
  • New link or new page whenever you need it.
  • You own the system so there is no renewal subscription fees.
  • Update your website content even from your tablet or mobile device.
  • Content Scheduling allow you to create timely content ahead of time.
  • Save cost in website maintenance and outsourcing.
  • Easy to use CMS reduces the dependancy on highly trained or technical staff.
  • Save cost in website maintenance and outsourcing.




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