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Custom Web Development & Mobile Application

With our vast experience in web development, we can help to bring your ideas to life. Building your ideal process flow and concept into the system based on your requirements within your budget. This could help to bring your business to the next level of growth and efficiency. Utilizing web applications to assist in your business process is also a part of digital transformation that can really help a company to move to the next level.

To help you transform your business digitally, we are equipped with the knowledge and experiences in much technical know-how. We are able to integrate your system to any external API to pull and push data across platforms for consumption if there is a need to do so. Have experience in API integration for customer reward systems, social media platforms, payment gateway, delivery network systems, and many more.

We have built many different types of applications suited to various industries targeting both end customers as well as business users. If you are looking to explore your ideas to have something that can help in your business, you can always talk to us.

  • Membership Royalty System
  • Contact Management System
  • Advertising Management System
  • Classified/Directory System
  • Customer Management System
  • Project Management System
  • CRM System
  • Online Examination/Evaluation/Appraisal System
  • Newsletter System
  • Inventory System
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Messaging System
  • Booking & Reservation System
  • POS System
  • Asset Management & Tracking System


Benefits of digital transformation of your business flow process

We all know that it is important to embrace digital transformation, and the recent worldwide pandemic has proven to everyone that there are a lot of business processes in our business that can be digitized. It is just that a lot of us have been caught off-guard and are not able to quickly transform our businesses or do it more effectively.


Increased Efficiency

By digitizing your business process you can save a significant amount of time through automation and other enhancements. This will also mean that the desk job does not have to tie you down to your office desk. You can now perform your duties wherever you are just with an internet connection. These time savings would free you up to add value to your business in other ways as well.


Improved Alignment and Decision Making

Your business record and data will be up-to-date when everything is updated online. This will give you are high-quality of data that can be made available across your organization. It can facilitate better cross departments coordination and lead to better decision-making and even goals settings.


Better Customer Experience

With high-quality and up-to-date data in your system, you can perform better-targeted marketing and get better responses. This will save you a lot of wasted effort and expenses spending your marketing budget in the wrong place. It can even improve customer relationships and even reduce delivery time.


Future-proof your Business

We all know that customers' expectation and the market is changing rapidly. To keep up with competitions and rapid changing pace, businesses need to be equipped with the right tools that can help them to face these challenges


Our Approach to Custom Web Development & Mobile App


Web Development Process flow - Requirement Gathering, Development Process, Testing & Deployment, Support & Maintenance


Requirements Gathering & Planning

Approach to Web & Mobile App Development - Requirement Gathering & Planning ProcessWe would first gather the requirements of the system as well as the customer's objective and target audience of the system. This will help us form the development plan later on. By knowing the customer's objective on this development and how it is translated into technical requirements, we would be able to know if the system would eventually help the customer in its work. We would also be able to suggest if there are ways or methods that we can help to close the gap between the objectives and the actual system.

Other information and decision could include the structure of the system or even UX/UI design. System structures would determine how much more the system can grow and if it can cater to certain transaction volumes. If this is not planned out properly, it would be difficult to expand the functionality of the system later on. UX/UI would also play a major role to the success factor of the development. A simple and easy-to-use UX/UI will promote more usage and reduce the learning curve of the system. It will also make work more efficient for the users.


Development Process

Our Web & Mobile App Development Process - Coding and DevelopmentDuring this stage, we would have split the development into a few stages if it is with a big scope. Usually, a system would be separated into Frontend and Backend Development, but a bigger system would have further breakdown of the development into various modules/functions that need time and attention to it. Each requirement that we have gathered earlier would be translated into a working system at this stage. Some developments would require integration to external API to pull in the necessary services or data while others might require the development of an API to allow external system to consume its data.

This would usually be the longest duration among all the processes of the development steps.


Testing & Deployment

Web & Mobile App development Testing & Maintenance SupportOnce the development is completed, we would proceed to internal and external testing. This is where we would test the system together with the users/customers to find out if there are any bugs or improvements needed. Testing would be done base on the functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and so on depending on the type of system.

Once both parties are satisfied with the testing, we would proceed to deploy the system on the customer's server. Training would also be conducted if requires.


Post-Deployment & Maintenance

Customers won't be left on their own after the deployment. We can help in providing maintenance and support to the users as well as the system. If the customer is thinking of adding new features to the system we will always be there to help. Our customers should feel secure in the system that they have invested in and be assured that we would be around to support and maintain them.

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