AssetBox Introduction

AssetBox Assets Management System

Asset Location

It is important to know where are your assets. Is it in the warehouse or on the site being put to good use.

Get Notified

Get notified whenever a warranty for asset is going to expire or for the next scheduled maintenance.

Track Expenses

Track the maintenance, upgrade and parts expenses of an assets so you know how much you have spent.

Who to call

Knowing who to call when there is a need for support and maintenance right at your fingertips.

AssetBox - Asset Management System, Asset & facility management

AssetBoxTM Asset Management System is a solution that can help you to centralize your company’s assets planning, usage and management for you. Have you ever wondered whether the assets are put to good use worth its money or how much you have spent in maintaining it? Have you ever wondered where the assets are located or who is using it? How about knowing who the supplier or service provider is and when the warranty expiry date is?

Our Asset Management System will be able to provide you all these information with just a click of a few buttons. It even generates reports for you so that you can analyze and plan to utilize your assets more efficiently. Accounts or Finance people no longer need to compile the necessary reports as it is already available for you from the system. It will also make your Asset Auditing more simplified by know which is which although they could be the exactly same model and brand purchased at different time of the year with different buying price.

More importantly it brings together all the information you need to know about your assets usage and maintenance expenses for you.


An overview of what is happening to all your assets and appliances in your company. It also notify you of the need to take action on items that would have its warranty expire or require periodic maintenance.

Asset Notification

The system will send you notification whenever there is an assets that would reach its warranty expiry or require maintenance service so that you would never miss it again.

Asset's Status

Get to know the status of your assets whether it is operational, idle or undergoing maintenance so that you can utilized what you already have instead of having them laying useless in your store or warehouse.

Asset Tagging & Audit

Armed with Barcode label printer and Data collector, you can already tag and audit your assets to make sure they are still accountable for.

Service/Support Contact

Know who to call in time emergency. Contact information are listed together with the assets giving you the information that you need reducing your dependancy on employee or your filing.

Maintenance & Expenses Record

Information of when and what you have spent on the assets are listed together with asset. You will have information on how much you have spent and maintenance history.

Loaned out Record/History

If you loaned out your assets, it can be recorded giving you the information of how who and when you have loaned out the assets. There is also a reminder when the assets need to be returned to you.

Locating Assets

Always important to know where are your assets. Are they with an employee or placed in a certain department/outlet. With this information you will know who is holding on to your assets and where are they.

Service Request

There is an option to submit a service request for any upgrades, renewal or maintenance before it is being done. Management can review before proceeding further.


Various reports are available to help the management to make decision on asset expenditures and investment. Reports can also be used to justify new asset purchase.

  • All your asset records at one place.
  • Manage your assets much more easier.
  • Make sense of your asset spending.
  • Justify on asset expenses.
  • Information at your fingertips.
  • Increase productivity reduce asset down time with good maintenance schedule.
  • Assets report can be generated at anytime. No compiling needed.
  • Hosted Web-based solution
  • Accessible 24/7, anywhere, anytime.
how are you tracking your assets today?
Managing assets is a challenge that grows exponentially as your company grows. If you’ve been charged with tracking assets, you’ll find that you need to be exceptionally conscientious and dedicated.


No one would understand what I am saying if I ask them what story can your asset tell you? May be they have not been asked about this or it just didn’t ring a bell for a lot of people. Like it or not...


AssetBox - Asset management system Organizations need an asset management system to perform good asset management. This system should be able to…


12 months plan

  • Cloud Base Hosted Solution
  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Single Site License
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Unlimited Users
  • Monthly Database Backup
  • Separate Database for security
  • Email Reminder Service
  • Free Upgrade & Updates
  • Support For Database & System




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